Monday, August 29, 2005

PDA Smart Phone's - Under $100

For under $100 >> You're Stuck with the Blackberry (I'm not saying that Blackberry is terrible. It's just not the best of the best.)

Personally, any PDA Phone (personal digital assistant - phone) under $100 is a bargain, however, that's probably because I am a “softy” for PDA's in general. Right now, there are around 12 PDA Phones that you can buy for under $100. What you choose really depends on what you are looking for and of course, your wireless service provider.

First off all, Verizon is the way to go for wireless service. Sprint has “dead spots,” or places with no services; T-Mobile is going to be bought by one of their competitors one day, and Cingular/AT&T is just “mediocre.” We'll talk about that later though!

For under $100, we are going to be dealing with Research In Motion's Blackberry. Specifically, I like the RIM BlackBerry 7100g. Right now, you can purchase it for around $99.00 online (without wireless service.) Now, it's not the unbelievable, but it's a good buy if you are a “corporate user.” –It really is a basic phone. Weighs around 4.2 oz, standard keyboard (which I love), the basic SMS email and of course the lovely Bluetooth – great for hooking up with a wireless headset or hands-free in the car!

This Blackberry is also particularly good looking and perhaps on the border of “sexy.” You already knew that by the picture above! Let me know what you think.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Palm, As We Once Knew It?

Could Palm buy back PalmSource?

PalmSource stock has been on the rise for the past few days and BargainPDA is speculating that Palm might be behind the stock movement by expressing their interest in buying back the software company. While this is clearly just a rumor, we'd like to hear from you whether or not you would compliment this potential buyout that could transform Palm back to a company as we once knew it.